If you often ask yourself “what should I do with this plastic bottle” and never finding answer you put it in a trash bin, here is a quick test for you. I promise, at the end you will find an answer

In your opinion, when you sort a plastic bottle, the cap you:

1. separate💔

2. not❤️

You should sort your bottle with its cap. Both can be recycled!

What is your sorting ritual for the plastic bottle?

1. I compact it

2. I flatten it like pancake

3. I sort it like it is

Flattening the bottle lengthwise saves space in the sorting bin

So it’s time for the shampoo bottle question:

1. Recycling bin

2. Basic trash

Shampoo and shower gel bottles have a bright future! They are all recyclable!

Eco-design for you:

1. More green!

2. Thinner bottle = less plastic

Ecodesign means reducing packaging at source and/or improving its recyclability. In short, it means limiting its environmental impact.
Plastic bottles have lost 40% of their weight since 1993, and some have an integral cap to prevent them from getting lost in nature.

THE LAST QUESTION. How much CO2 is saved by recycling one tonne of plastic bottles?

1. One car emissions

2. Cat breathing during the day

Sorry kitten! 1 tonne of recycled plastic bottles = 2.1 tonnes less CO2. That’s the emissions of a car that has travelled halfway around the world.

Well done! Even if you haven’t score 100% you now for sure what to do nest time you hold empty plastic bottle in you hand

Instead of conclusion just look at this potato peel packaging and imagine yourself at the bar:)



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